A quiet month to no one's surprise but I'm really pumped to announce and talk about a new long-term project I started!!

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Everyday Life

July took its sweet time but August flew by without warning. Not much to discuss in terms of life, it was my partner Ridley's birthday so I treated them to sushi and dim sum! It had been so long since I last had steamed pork buns... it was so good.

We also picked up one of those rechargeable flailing fish that when you kind of hit it, it starts to shake LOL. The cats absolutely love it, even Spicy who normally doesn't have much interest in moving toys. It's really amusing hearing the motor start to go from the other room when it's quiet.

Video Games - What I Played

Still trucking away at MHS2! I'll be honest I did put it down for a little bit because I've been working more and have been extra tired but picking it back up in the last week or so has been an easy transition back into the it!

One game I did start this month is Garden Story! Finally!!!! Nintendo announced an indie showcase and during the presentation, it got dropped as one of those "And it's available.... NOW!" titles and I almost screamed lol. Definitely haven't put as much time into it as I'd like, but I can't wait to keep playing because it's so damn FUN.


I'm really excited to write this section because I have a lot to show! I decided to start a project that I'm really excited about - my Gunpla Archive! Basically it's a new tag on my blog that'll consist of my various hauls and individual posts for each kit I build! I thought it would be neat to document my journey in this hobby and also slowly create a digital archive of the kits I purchase! Here is the first post of the project, talking about the first kit I built and my first haul:

Initial Haul
Announcing a new project! Recently began to delve into the world of gunpla... and want to take you along with me.

While I've finished and worked on a few kits so far, I only have one Build Post out right now featuring the kit that started it all! You can take a look at it here if you'd like:

Gundam AGE II Magnum SV Ver.
My first gunpla kit! A look into my experience putting together the Age II Magnum SV!

Spicy & Echo Power Hour

Some silly photos of the boys. They really like to lay on my desk, even if I have my gunpla runners laid out........

That's it for this month! If you want to time travel a bit, why not check out last month's post for July, or the Photo Journal Tag!