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Everyday Life

The weather has been so gross lately, constantly flipping between warming up significantly, and getting cold and snowy. It does make for some pretty photos though! The light shining off the snow has led to some kind of nice shots.

My uncle and aunt for christmas gave us sushi plates which we LOVE, so we got to test drive those puppies hehe.

Also got the chance to try this Filipino place I found and they have these delicious pork buns which are literally the size of my hand. Also tried Spanish Bread for the first time and it's DELICIOUS!

To boot, I threw in some work mishaps for fun lol. Between bags of milk exploding and forgetting pastries inside the oven.... there's never a dull moment.

Some other miscellaneous fun: a massive haul from the thrift store plus the random Riverdale artwork I found that haunts my dreams, a picture of our newly put up string lights on our bedframe, and a photo what my partner wrote on the blanket when I was laying down playing pokemon LOL.

Video Games - What I Played

For how much came out over the last two months, I've played surprisingly little! I picked up Pokemon Legends: Arceus and am absolutely loving it. There seems to be 5 main 'bosses/lords' and I believe I'm almost at number three. I've been chipping away at it slowly since the initial excitement has worn off but it's been enjoyable not feeling like I need to power through it.

I managed to beat Life is Strange: True Colors back in January! This game absolutely wrecked me and I cannot wait to play it again. My chest gets tight everytime I think about it, and it really did not hold back. I don't want to spoil anything about this game but if you are a narrative-driven person, I highly recommend checking it out.

As of writing this, Elden Ring has finally been released and beforehand I wasn't tempted to get it. Now that it's out though... I have... a mighty need... I'm forcing myself though to finish a few things before I break and purchase it. One of them being releasing this blog post LOL. That, and finish up a surprise that I'll be releasing on the blog later this month.... heheh!


Not much right now to report on the Gunpla front. For a few weeks I was streaming my gunpla building and managed to finish two and a half kits live! I think it was a bit much though because I haven't felt the itch to build recently so I'm going to spend the building hiatus updating my Gunpla Diary with entries for the kits I completed, as well as the two hauls I haven't posted about!

These photos however were taken with my DSLR in my partner's new lightbox they bought! I'm very excited to see what I can photograph with it... Granted my DSLR is pretty old but these still turned out really detailed!

Spicy & Echo Power Hour

Have a collage of the boys! Spicy is still an angel and Echo is an idiot lmao. Getting up to no good constantly.

That's it for this month! If you want to time travel a bit, why not check out last month's post for December, or the Photo Journal Tag!