Build Information
Scale : 1/144
Grade : High Grade
Series : Gundam Build Drivers
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General Gunpla Info

In case you don't know, each Gundam kit is assigned a model Grade to indicate a typical standard for the level of detail and size of the final product. The list from smaller and simpler to larger and complex is as follows:

High Grade (1/114) -> Real Grade (1/114) -> Master Grade (1/100) ->
Perfect Grade (1/60)

There are definitely outliers to these standards, and many other grades between these four, but when starting out, chances are high that these will be what you encounter. Although the High and Real Grade scale number seems larger, they are the typically the smaller model kits!

Progress Shots

Building Magnum

Magnum will likely have a special place for me moving forward since it was the first Gundam I've ever built. Now knowing the difference between the various grades of kits, I'm very lucky I started out with a High Grade!

The design and color scheme are simple yet intriguing and visually satisfying, which added to the building experience for sure. I think it was a great starting point to see what entails prepping the pieces and puting them together, without being bored of the end result. There are HG models much more detailed and complex than Magnum, but it was just simple enough that I didn't feel overwhelmed, while still unique and satisfying, enough that I feel like I built something really awesome.

In terms of quality due to my handiwork, I'm not surprised by the amount of stress-marks and roughage that are still on him. I didn't use any kind of sandpaper, file, or even x-acto blade on the detachment points so I basically just cut the part off the runner (the plastic sheet that all the parts are molded to) and stuck it together lol. It's not noticeable if you aren't really familiar with the kind of detail these kits can have, but to a trained eye, or myself since I built it, it's pretty apparent. I think after I get some more experience under my belt, I'll go back and clean it up a little bit.

Final Result

Extra Goodies

All the photos for this and future builds will be hosted and linked from my album on ImgBB if you'd like to follow me over there!

Age II Magnum SV
Age II Magnum SV album hosted in ImgBB

Here are direct links to the beginning of the twitter thread for this build, and the finished product tweet in case you'd like to share it!