Build Information
Scale : 1/144
Grade : Real Grade
Series : Mobile Suit Gundam
Full Wiki Entry : Here
Extensive Photo Library : Here

Progress Shots

Building Justice

Newer Real Grade models are defined by their fully movable inner frame that you start off with. The build instructions guide you to set the model up, then proceed to show you how to build each part onto said frame, versus building each separately and then attaching it later.

I feel like Justice was a good RG model to start with because it gave a good taste of what the RG can offer in terms of complexity, but the building structure (how the instructions guide you) treated it like the HG models I had built previous. That's right, since the Justice is apparently an older kit, they hadn't implemented the movable inner frame yet. Regardless the build was extremely satisfying, especially when I got the shifting armor plates moving (you can see the changes in the arms in the photos below).

With Gundam Seed being my first Gundam anime, I think I'll truly have a soft spot for Justice going forward. This build was elating to complete and I can't wait to update this post with the backpack unit and weapons... and maybe even some panel lining in the future!!

Final Result

Addendum: I will be updating this post in the future to include images of the backpack and weaponry that are included with the unit.

Extra Goodies

All the photos for this and future builds will be hosted and linked from my album on ImgBB if you'd like to follow me over there!

RG Justice
RG Justice album hosted in ImgBB

Here are direct links to the beginning of the twitter thread for this build, and the finished product tweet in case you'd like to share it!