Build Information
Scale : 1/144
Grade : High Grade
Series : Gundam Build Fighters
Full Wiki Entry : Here
Extensive Photo Library : Here

Progress Shots

Building Transient Glacier

This kit was a really fun build, so fun that I forgot to take more progress shots! With having one HG model under my belt, I was riding the high of just... understanding how the building works. From cleaning the parts off the runners, to the actual construction and learning all the component names, I could tell I was a bit better than I was before and it was a very satisfying feeling. I definitely took less time to build this one compared to the Age II Magnum-SV, but I did spend more time staring at it, as it has a LOT more transparent plastic and I was completely mesmerized.

Final Result

More Gunpla!

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Gundam and gunpla galore! An archive of my gunpla collect I’ve build starting in July 2021. Each post is essentially a thread/blog about a specific model kit, or a haul update! Photo by Bruce Tang on Unsplash

Extra Goodies

All the photos for this and future builds will be hosted and linked from my album on ImgBB if you'd like to follow me over there!

Transcient Glacier
Transcient Glacier album hosted in ImgBB

Here are direct links to the beginning of the twitter thread for this build, and the finished product tweet in case you'd like to share it!