Wow it's been a whole year since I started this project! My how the time flies.

Everyday Life | Video Games - What I Played | Cross Stitch | Spicy & Echo Power Hour

CWs: wound talk, photos of food

Everyday Life

A sign at my clinic that says "To schedule an appointment with a coordinator between the hours of 4pm-10pm and on the weekends, please call" and  the phone number is blocked out for privacy reasons.

So as I mentioned last month, I got top surgery! It was a long month of doing not too much, but I've been back at work for a bit now and am slowly getting back into the swing of things. Recovery was going well until one of my stitches broke and caused a small wound. Nothing major or cause for concern, but as a result I had to go to a local clinic 3 days a week for like a month to get a dressing put on it while it healed. I'm done going to the clinic at this point, but the nurses who were doing my wound care were super nice and I'm going to miss them! The side that the wound opened on is a bit weirdly shaped now, but I don't care so long as it all just heals up ok haha.

Back again with the donut review! Since Easter was coming up, they had an Easter Themed one along with a New York Style Cheesecake one that both used cream cheese icing. The Cheesecake one was a liiiitle disappointing but still yummy, and I'm a sucker for sprinkles, as well as mini eggs, so I really enjoyed that one. Not the best or most awe-inducing choices they've had, but still yummy regardless!

Video Games - What I Played

The platinum trophy screen for the game Creature in the Well.

I finally picked up the title Creature in the Well and man!! This game is so intriguing. The game play loop overall is very satisfying while being non-repetitive, and has a relatively unique mechanic - being a sudo-pinball physics game.

A screenshot from the game Gato Roboto which has a 2-bit pixel color scheme.

Finally got around to trying out Gato Roboto. Really adorable premise and I enjoyed the gameplay but I fell off of it a little quickly as I'm not the biggest metroidvania fan (with a few expecetions of course). If you are, then it's definitely worth a shot, not the most extensive one in the market but still enjoyable regardless.

The platinum trophy screen for the game Maquette.

I managed to platinum Maquette as well, which was one of the PS+ games of the month. Really intriguing walking sim + puzzle title that played with recursive environments. The narrative for me was a little on the flatter side but overall the gameplay was enough to keep me intrigued to the end.

A picture of Cloud and Tifa from the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Wooooooooooo boy. I finally played Final Fantasy 7 Remake. And ya'll I get it now. I get it. I am in so deep with this, I can't wait to play the original and have some semblence of context. I love all of my children, especially Jessie, and can't wait to learn more about them and what the hell is even going on lmfao.

Cross Stitch

My half finished cross stitch piece. There is a starting outline of a Flareon tail with a bunch of red, orange and yellow filling the left side. A large portion of it is still blank.

Slowly making progress on this baby. I know I mentioned last month how I was taking a grid-oriented approach to this piece but... ya I gave up on that real fast. I do really like the concept but changing between threads so often was tedious and I'm not a fan. I much prefer the more organic approach of just filling in the colors as you go, which fills out more of the picture overall. The right side of the background funny enough is even more detailed and complex in terms of mixing the colors together so I've been working on tackling that so once it's complete, I just have to finish the outline and fill in the rest!

A while back I bought some gradient thread that I finally experiemented with. Decided to draft by hand the SEELE logo from Neon Genesis Evangelion! The blue one on the right was the first attempt, the blue gradient being vary subtle because it's minimal stitching (you can see the slight change in blue near the top middle and the point at the bottom). The rainbow one in the middle was the second attempt and came across much more visibly! Plus I also modified the pattern so the eyes were a bit wider and closer to the original ratio.

Spicy & Echo Power Hour

Here are the sweet boys, I managed to catch Echo being silly a few times. He's so hard to photograph because he's all black but these turned out really well lol. We have a few pigeons who have started to hang out on our patio and it has been quite a show for the two of them.

Also yes the middle photo is somewhat accurate. Echo is a very large cat and Spicy is very small lol!

That's it for this month! If you want to time travel a bit, why not check out last month's post for February, or the Photo Journal Tag!