We are going to be trying something different this month! For some photos that I'm including that I don't have too much to say about, I'll be grouping together and then just doing a paragraph / sentence or two about each. Since the portrait photos are so space consuming I figured it'd be a good way to reduce the length of the post!

Everyday Life | Video Games - What I Played | Cross Stitch | Spicy & Echo Power Hour

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Everyday Life

Work has a been a bit slow lately, and I think it's been getting to our heads lol. One evening got a bit... creative with the drink components, and one of my coworkers tried to summon some customers to make the time move past lol. It didn't really work though, to no one's surprise lol.

I ordered a refill on my contact lenses since I was getting low on them (I wear daily lenses) and they randomly included little gummy bears with it! There were actually two packs but the other was hiding underneath the boxes.

Discovered a new Mountain Dew flavor which was interesting. Not as good as my personal favourite, Baja Blast, but still delicious and very sugary lol. Also discovered that the restaurant that is right by my work does individual slices of pizza for walk-ins (they're usually a sit-down restaurant; doing takeout right now takes a fair amount of time). That's been a fun treat to have recently!

My partner and I ordered a bunch of stickers from Redbubble too and I finally got them all placed nicely on my laptop! The Zenyatta sticker and the kitten sticker in the bottom right corner are from before, so the Evangelion stickers and Mint are the new additions!

I went earlier this month to my last surgeon appointment for a while! One last check up before I'm able to take the surgical binder off hehe. Of course the one day I had to drive into the city was the one day it decided to randomly snow although it had been sunny the few days before. Canada's weather is so dumb sometimes I swear.

Video Games - What I Played

I love Annapurna Interactive, so I'm sad it took me so long to pick up Sayonara Wild Hearts. This game is such a unique and special experience I want everyone to play it, whether you play games or not. To no surprise the music is fantastic and the art design chosen to go with it makes me want to never look away. I don't honestly know if I'll go back and perfect each track of the game because I'm not very good at rhythm stuff but regardless my initial playthrough was enough to sit with me for a good long time.

Dicey Dungeon is so fun. SO FUN. It's like a turn-based RPG that combines cards that you have to pair with dice in order to use. The art is great. The enemies are hilarious. The pun-iness of the entire experience makes me laugh every time I boot it up. Currently only have the first level of a few of the dice unlocked but I can't wait to keep playing and get better with the ones that are giving me trouble.

A title card for the game Cozy Grove.

I was looking forward to this game towards the end of March and I was not disappointed. Cozy Grove has become a part of my (almost daily) routine and is so endearing and fun. It's a nice combination of real time elements without relying on them entirely like Animal Crossing. You should go check out my piece I wrote on it if you haven't already, it's just so sweet!

Cross Stitch

Finished up my Flareon piece! This one took a substantial amount of time longer than the Jolteon because of the detail in the background. The most sporadic the design the more concentration and counting I need in order to make sure everything is right haha, versus larger areas like the tail that only require a bit of focus as to where the colour starts and stops.

I'll probably start the Vaporeon piece next month. That one I think will be much quicker to complete, if I can focus on actually stitching haha. The pattern consists of more blocks of colours which will be a nice change of pace.

My reading light clipped to my bunder underneath my shirt, aimed down at my stitching.

One fun thing about the binder was that it provided a nice convenient place to clip my reading light which makes stitching in the evening time much easier on the eyes lol.

Spicy & Echo Power Hour

Just one silly picture of Echo this time! He decided to flop right between me and the arm of the couch and just... fell asleep lol. Sweet little gremlin man.

That's it for this month! If you want to time travel a bit, why not check out last month's post for March, or the Photo Journal Tag!