March is FINALLY OVER. It's been 84 years............ so here's what was going on!

Came home from work one evening (when I was still going to work lol) to find my partner burning a tealight in the candle holder my mom bought them for Christmas! It's such a cute glass piece; we saw it when we all went to Sparta one day to shop and have lunch. It was a nice little outing... back when we could go out lol.

A large plastic cup of green matcha, the text DAVID in aqua coloring spans across it.

Took a little trip to the mall earlier in the month to pick up my partner's Animal Crossing Switch, and made a pit stop into David's Tea for something cold and refreshing. They've added a lot of matcha flavors since the last time I was there!! I wanted an ice one so I ended up going with the raspberry flavored one and it was surprisingly good?? Much better than I was expecting. I'm sad now that everything is closed because I want to go back for another..... lol. Alternatively I could order it online but our water is so calcium-filled that we don't bother making ice (it just ends up so gross and... salty????) and I only want to drink it cold so :(. Just have to be patient I guess.

I've been playing a lot of Dead By Daylight since my store shut down and been off work. Finally got to the epilogue of each Tome page that's out, hit single digits for my survivor rank, and feel like I'm actually starting to get a grip on this game lmfao. I don't have any idea how many hours I've put into it with my friend but its definitely a lot by now. Really happy that I found a large case of Baja Blast before isolation too. I'm trying to ration it and so far its going ok. It's a nice treat every once and a while.. you know, for those Hard Core Gaming Sessions (please read the irony in this sentence, I'm fully joking). Playing DBD has been a nice way to keep things from feeling too... stagnant I guess? I basically only play with my one friend and it's a fun way to still interact with out needing to be in the same room.

We got a new baby boy!!! His name is Echo and he is the sweetest, softest, most feral bastard I've ever encountered. He loves the bathtub (when it's both wet OR dry), isn't afraid of anything (besides the Roomba), and doesn't know the definition of personal space. This little gremlin isn't even a year yet (the rescue shelter said he was born sometime in August, and came to them in October).

Our tuxedo cat Spicy, laying on his back looking up at the camera. His tail is curled up between his legs

Spicy was very surprised when we brought Echo home. I felt bad in the beginning since there was no way to... well, warn him lol. It was a bit of a rocky start, no outward hostility but some hissing, mostly to establish boundaries and personal space. Slowly but surely though, they've gotten used to one another, Spicy the biggest improvement overall. Echo will still occasionally chase Spicy around the house because he wants to play, but Spicy has learned that its ok so say "hey leave me the hell alone" with a swat or two, and Echo (for the most part) listens and leaves him be. While getting used to the new baby in the house, Spicy still finds the time and space to relax though!

The packaging for a 25gauge needle with some small multi-lingual medical text on it.

As you might have been in my bio, I'm a trans guy. I've been fortunate enough to take 1ml of testosterone every two weeks for the past almost 2 and 1/2 years (give or take). As anyone who takes a medication might know, you can sometimes be... forgetful lol. Especially when your medication requires giving yourself a needle and you're just extra anxious that day. That being said, when I first got my prescription, I was able to get a box of 100 syringes, and during the month of March... I used my last one in the box!!! I've given myself over 100 needles and that fact just flabbergasts me to be honest.

Me holding up a physical copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch

And finally - it happened. Finally it happened. It's here. IT'S HERE. It's been 7, almost 8 years since New Leaf, and we finally have Animal Crossing New Horizons. I could go on all day about this game, so I'll save it. But this game is the perfect counter to the hard times that are happening right now, and is making my time stuck at home SO much more enjoyable.

And that's about it! Although March felt like it lasted WAY too long, a lot of really awesome things happened (minus the declaration of a pandemic...). It's hard to be positive all the time, but I've just got to take it one day at a time... and play animal crossing. Lots and lots of animal crossing.