Hey! How's it going?? This is a veeeery different setup than last time you might have been here. Moved platforms, new layout, we're pulling out all the stops! Real talk though....this felt very akin to moving apartments?? I guess technically I'm moving from one digital space to another so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In all seriousness, I'm really excited to be starting this new adventure. This has become a really joyful hobby and I'm looking forward to keeping it up and seeing what comes of it in the future. With that being said, there are a few things I wanted to touch on super quick. Those include: upcoming posts, The New Platform, and a change of branding.


A couple of posts you can (hopefully) expect in the next week or two from this post going live are:

  • a March photo journal entry - what's been going on in my life the past month
  • a look into a game about murder, sprinkled with a hint of numbers and puzzles

They're both in the works currently (in variable states of completion), but once those are set free into cyber space, I have some active topics of what I might want to do next (just so you have an idea of what's potentially to come):

  • Trials of Mana Demo - going in blind to the series in general
  • Bravely II Demo - put almost 40 hours into Bravely Default, didn't get a chance to play Bravely Second. Excited to see what they've done with the series!
  • Control: It's one of the new AAA games added to PS Now until August

Note: these are subject to time as I, well... still have to play them lol. By the time this post is out, I should have everything set up with the blog, so the only other things consuming my time are Animal Crossing, Dead by Daylight, and finishing the two previously mentioned posts. I'm hoping the excitement to write about these things helps keep me focused!


Ghost as a platform so far is really great! Very simple layout, no extra fancy bells and whistles, but still so powerful. I have past experience using things like Wordpress and custom CMS via previous companies I've worked for. But so far, Ghost within the first I'd say... hour? made me fall in love. It's been really fun to flex my dev brain again and tinker with everything.

Overall, I'm really pumped about all of this, especially since right now is a really rough time in the world. I'm glad all the current time I'm spending playing video games right now can be put to some creative use!


I decided to go back to my roots and revitalize my old handle - Slackshow. This is my gamertag for... Damn near close to everything. It's been attached to my experiences with games for a very long time, circa early high school when I came across the term. My current online identify revolves around Seeley or Seeleymoyed and that's been very prominent for a while now, so it's been an odd experience having these two now intersect. I'm glad for it though, as they're both big parts of me and I'm glad to have created the opportunity to bring them together!

I think that about sums it up! Thanks for sticking it out until the end here, and hope to have you reading again soon!

- Seeley