Wow! I can't believe it's been an entire year... It's been a wild ride watching this place grow and become what it is. I originally started it out as a small space on and after getting bigger, more grandiose ideas, decided to try out hosting a site of my own. As it says on my About page - this place isn't much, but I really am proud with how far it's come.

My first original piece I ever wrote was about my playthrough of Tales of Vesperia back on February 8th, 2020. Playing through that title was a delight and I'd recommend it to anyone, but writing about it and reflecting on the experience helped me kind of reevaluate some things. Mainly, how I was interacting and enjoying the games I was playing over the last while. It was less of a review of the game and more a review about my thoughts and processes going through the adventure with Yuri and the gang.

Although that was the first entry to the blog, it is one of few posts of its kind. You've got the monthly photo journals, the (hopefully soon to be resurrected) Bundle For Racial Justice and Equality showcase, and a few personal diary-like entries here and there. As for any video game posts, they're more oriented towards your classic review expectations. Even then, it's really just "Hey I played this, here's what to expect'' as most of what I wrote about I enjoyed and wanted to convince you to play it too.

I'm hoping over the course of the next year, to try and push myself out of my comfort zone and maybe do some original content again (maybe something like 'why Dead By Daylight is the best game that I could almost never recommend' lol) and also work on trying to write more simple and concise reviews from a more unbiased perspective, coupled with working on my comfort and articulation when it comes to criticism.

Anyways, I guess I'm mostly writing this to say - Thank You. Yes, you. You reading this. You taking the time to check up on this little blog of mine. I'll never expect this place to get enormous amounts of traffic, and I'm very ok with that. I write on this blog for myself, and for my friends, and for the few strangers I might meet along the way. So with that... I hope to make you proud and get you excited with what I create in the future.

Seeley // Slackshow