A short and quiet one this month! Also no Cross Stitch section because I'm still on a break from it. CWs: images of food.

Everyday Life | Video Games - What I Played | Spicy & Echo Power Hour

Unsplash photo in banner taken by Glenn Carstens-Peter.

Everyday Life

This month didn't have much going on. That or I forgot to document it, which is why I started this project in the first place lol. Mostly just been treating myself (probably a little too often) to take-out since I've been feeling kind of down. Oh yes, we also watched Haikyuu (S1&2) and Princess Jellyfish which I loved. Can't wait to watch more of Haikyuu and my partner is really glad we finally got around to PJ, as am I because I loved it haha.

Teeechnically jumping the gun a little bit but I got a shiny new toy today (July 4th but we'll ignore the date) - a Brydge keyboard for my Surface Go! I ordered it over the weekend and so I'm writing June's post on it this very moment! I love the tablet capabilities of the Go but it's nice to have a proper laptop keyboard again for sure. Adds a bit more weight to it but I'm very happy with the overall feel. I feel like I haven't done much writing this past month so I'm excited to give this keyboard a real workout.

Video Games - What I Played

A demo got announced for Monster Hunter Stories 2 earlier in the month and finally dropped on the 25th. I eventually got around to downloading it and playing it and somehow lost 5 hours to it - it's so much fun!!! I never got a chance to play the first of the series but it seems like I'll be fine to jump into the second. It's funny because one of the main reasons I'm looking forward to it is because it'll be a very good game to play while watching tv shows or listening to podcasts lol. I can focus on it and solely play it if I want, but the demo definitely made me realize that the combat is very chill and doesn't require your full attention.

The main character of Chicory sitting on a bench with a giant paint brush.

On the day of writing this out, I finished the game Chicory which was an amazing experience. Really struck home emotionally and the colouring mechanic was one of the most satisfying things I've experienced in a while. I don't want to say too much about it because it's definitely one of those games where the blinder you are going in the better, but please trust me when I say you need to play this game.

I have officially beat all three Mass Effect games and I have so many emotions. I was never planning on being invested into Shepard and Co. this much but I love all my space idiots so much. As much as I would die for Liara, it's an absolute travesty you can't romance Tali as FemShep so I eventually want to go back and do another playthrough as MaleShep to see her relationship through. I can't think about the ending for too long or else I get sad so I'm just going to pretend it didn't happen lol.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart came out this month as well and I had a great time playing through it. I forgot how much I loved the R&C games, and this one felt like a polished, revitalized entry into the series. I ended up platinuming it and plan on going back to beat the Hard Mode you unlock post game, but for now I'm taking a break since I played it all a bit quickly lol... It has me wanting to go back and play others in the series so I might eventually download the 2016 game again and play through that for fun. Maybe once I get through a few more backlog titles.

Spicy & Echo Power Hour

We got some relaxed boys this month. Spicy has start occasionally laying, or even sleeping, between Ridley and I, instead of laying on my other side practically falling off the bed lol. I give him plenty of space!! But that's just how he likes it apparently. Also here's one of the few photos I have of Echo that isn't just a black hole, you can actually see him.

That's it for this month! If you want to time travel a bit, why not check out last month's post for May, or the Photo Journal Tag!