February is my mom's birthday month!! So I commissioned my coworker to make a cake for her birthday weekend (said coworker is a baker on the side, she's AMAZING). My mom is super all over the place and bright and loud so I wanted a simple cake to reflect that and I think my coworker did an amazing job!! Didn't end up putting candles or a topper on it because she did such an awesome job with the buttercream design, we didn't want to mess it up!!

Tim Hortons Ice Capp but in a prepackaged bottle in a convenience store

I learned that Tim Hortons now has a pre-packaged Ice Capp drink and I'm... not sure how I feel about it lol. As a major connoisseur of their ice capps, I would argue that the liquid portion that melts and is left at the end is the worst part. I didn't end up picking one up, but that's all that I can imagine it is. We'll see if I'm right once I try one.

An orange pillar in an airport parking lot, it has a no parking sigh on one sided and has the test C18 / 4 painted onto it.

Picked up my dad from the airport!! I always dread the drive to the airport but from my place it's fairly straightforward. He was gone for a while, back home working so it was great to see him and also to go on a little adventure. Any excuse to drive is an excuse to catch up on podcasts so it all worked out well.

A technical board with a screen attached to a rowing machine. It has various times and numbers on it saying the results of my rowing session.

Started going to the gym midway through January with my coworker, and after about 2 or 3 weeks I tried my hand at the rowing machine - my ultimate nemesis. My cardio is... not great. Always has been, hopefully won't always be. I tried one of the basic rowing exercises, a 500M row, just to see how long it would take. I was able to make it barely under 10 minutes, which I'm super proud of! But also I was... incapacitated afterwards lol. I ran myself into the ground but... it's all a work in progress!!

The top of a Flat White, with a white flower/leaf in the foam.

My coworker has been starting to work on her latte art and this was one of the first pieces she did and was really proud of! I need to start working on mine........

That's it for now!! February was a quiet month, also considering I didn't photograph much but I'm going to make an effort this month and see how it goes!