Although it feels like May only just started, somehow it feels like forever since I posted my April post.

Video Games - What I Played | Everyday Life | Cross Stitch | Spicy & Echo Power Hour

CWs: images of food, alcohol, [pet death] brief talk about pet rabbit who passed away

Video Games - What I Played

At the beginning of the month, after over 20 years, New Pokemon Snap released and it was everything I wished it would be. I loved my time with it, and after a bit of a break, plan on going back to finish the photodex and take more fun photos. I even wrote a little reflection piece about it, and have been posting my favorite photos on my twitter and on

Near the end of the month, I decided to pick up the Mass Effect Legendary Edition trilogy and finally play through those since I had never done that before. I managed to get through Mass Effect 1 & 2, with plans to play the Arrival DLC next which apparently is the main branch between 2 and 3, and then start 3 immediately after. I'm in love with the series so far and really enjoying my time with it. Tali is best girl and Liara owns my heart wholely. I wasn't expecting Liara to be my romance option of choice but I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

Everyday Life

We treated ourselves to some yummy food.... ramen and takoyaki, butter chicken and vindaloo for Eid, and also sushi! Sushi in particular because......

May is my birthday month! My coworkers and Ridley pitched in to buy me sushi dinner which was so sweet of them. Rid also went out and got me flowers with some other treats, like a tall boy of Stella Artois, honey buns, ice cream, and cake!! My aunt and uncle also stopped by for a parking lot visit and got me some goodies - which included some Native body washes which I'm super excited to try.

I got a commision done by the amazing Kat on twitter of my OC Atlas in the new plug suit that Asuka and Mari wear in Evangelion 3.0+1.0, accompanied by the patched-together Eva that is Unit 8+2. If you don't know what any of that means, dont worry. All you need to know is that this was super gay and super self-indulgent and gives me copious amounts of seratonin.

Unfortunately right at the end of the month, I had to say goodbye to my bunny Sawyer. I noticed he had stopped eating and that's always a good indicator of something being wrong because he had a ravenous appetite. Long story short I decided to call into the emergency vet because bunnies can deteriorate very quickly and that's... essentially what happened. He was in gastrointestinal stasis, had a high fever, there was also something wrong with his urinary tract that would require further investigation and potential surgery. It was one of those things where even if he got out of the woods with the current issues, there were going to be more down the line, and with his age there was the concern that he wouldn't even make it through to the recovery process. It still feels surreal that he isnt here anymore but he was a great companion for the last 9+ years and I'm going to miss him dearly.

Cross Stitch

This month was slower for cross stitching honestly. After finishing the Flareon piece last month, I felt like I needed a small break... that and I actually ran out of white aida cloth LOL. I ordered some more, as well as more perforated plastic which I really like stitching on, so maybe in the next couple weeks when I'm feeling more myself I'll start up something small.

Spicy & Echo Power Hour

Some cute photos of the boys. They rarely ever lay down next to each other, so when Spicy hopped up onto the couch after Echo and settled I almost cried!! They're both so sweet but Echo is so chaotic and energetic that Spicy just keeps his distance unless they're playing haha.

I wanted to include this photo of Spicy on his own because look at this shit!! He's so photogenic?? The audacity of this little man to be so handsome. I love him.

That's it for this month! If you want to time travel a bit, why not check out last month's post for April, or the Photo Journal Tag!