June is somehow over, and since I'm back full swing at work more or less, it feels like I don't have too much to talk about this month. That's ok though! Sometimes it's nice for things to be a bit on the quieter side.

Content Warning: food

It seems like this is going to be a trend potentially where I start the post off with Echo and his criminal endeavors... I went into the kitchen one day to fill up my reusable cup with some cold water and as I grabbed it and turned on the light, I looked down in my hand and saw...... this. SOMEBODY decided to use the STRAW as a CHEW TOY. I stood there and stared at it for a solid like, 30 seconds just completely baffled. It's just so odd because he hasn't really chewed anything else like this? He's not very destructive (mostly) so this was just so... surprising.

Yes we have two cats but I immediately jump to Echo being the culprit because a) Spicy has never been destructive in any capacity besides my partner's spider plant 3 years ago (R.I.P. to a legend) and b) he.... has no prominent teeth. A month or two after we got him, we realized that his teeth were rotting from being out on the street and so he had to get at least 10 of them removed lol.

A picture of the game Anthem for PS4.

Stopped by my old EB Games on the 19th to grab my friends copy of The Last Of Us 2 (they were working during the store's hours and I had the day off so I offered to pick it up for them). While I was there I was taking a super quick browse at the wall since I didn't want to stay out long and saw that Anthem had finally dropped down to $10 CDN. I had been waiting for a solid price drop on this game for a while now, but I know what you might be thinking.... Why?! And honestly? Because it was fun. When I initially played, I did really enjoy the game play, flying around in the Javelins was a fairly unique experience that was well executed, even if the rest of the game fell flat. I was waiting for that price point so I could hop back and just jump around. And who knows! They are in the works of re-vamping the game hardcore so maybe it'll be a worthwhile investment in the future..... lol.

A top down image of take out sushi on our black coffee table.

Since my birthday is at the end of May, my partner wanted to treat me to some sushi take out, which we ended up doing in the early weeks of June. Between groceries and pay checks we wanted to make it worth our while to order in. It was nice to indulge in one of our favorite foods, and it was very sweet of my partner to buy me dinner!! It had been a while since we had sushi given everything going on and I can't wait until we can justify ordering it again.

A donut with pink icing, topped with fruit loop piece, and a final drizzle of white icing on top.

One thing I do like to do is grab Tim's for breakfast on my days off. Being able to go through the drive through is a nice compromise that allows me to indulge in it but also keep minimal distance from other people. They usually have some kind of features pastries that I like to try every so often, and this month they had... this lol. Fruit Loop Dream Donut or something like that, it was as sickly sweet as you think it would be, and was a fun donut to splurge on but I don't know if I would order it again. Will keep my next donut purchase for the next absolutely asinine donut they decide to release.

My black and white tuxedo cat Spicy, laying down with his arms tucked against his chest on the office table I'm sitting at.

One new, exciting thing that did happen this month was that I had my first table top RPG session ever! A group of friends on mastodon and I are starting a campaign for the game Stand Up, which is a Persona inspired TTRPG we got from purchasing the bundle itch.io was hosting to raise money for the Black Lives Matter Movement (which I talk a bit more below). I've never played any kind of TTRPG, let alone one over voice chat and online tools, but the group has been really awesome at bearing with me since I'm somewhat new to this and also know very little about Persona lmfao. We have another session scheduled soon that I'm really excited for! While we had one of our character building session, Spicy decided to visit and sit with me to keep me company.

A phone picture of the game Hive Time, a queen bee sits on her thrown and there are hexagon rooms around her with various uses.

As I mentioned above, during the month of June, itch.io hosted a bundle called Bundle For Racial Justice and Equality in order to raise money for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund & the Community Bail Fund, with a equal 50/50 split. As the bundle grew in popularity and donation value, up to 1000 itch.io items were included, contributed by 840+ creators, and it ended up raising just over $8 million dollars!! I remember when I first saw it, that the donation goal was a measly 100k but they kept increasing the goal since they just kept hitting it!!

I did indeed purchase the bundle and have started playing through some of the games that have interested me, and actually plan on starting a mini series, writing small overviews + reviews/thoughts on the games included in the bundle! I plan on including anywhere between 3-6 games per post depending on how much I write for each game, so keep an eye out for those posts here!

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet. Mostly just been working, hanging out on Mastodon, and playing lots of Dragon Quest and recently, Ninjala. Have some sweet photos of my baby boys to hopefully make your day a bit brighter!

That's it for this month! If you want to time travel a bit, why not check out last month's post for May, or the Photo Journal Tag!