I also go by Seeley. And this is my blog! It's not much, but I'm really proud of how far it's come. I write a lot about video games, and throw a few personal pieces in here and there. Thanks so much for stopping by!

About Me!

I'm a 27 y/o trans guy who lives in Ontario, Canada. I've been playing video games since I was a tiny human, and they continue to be one of my favorite hobbies. Some things I like other than video games are: sushi, cross stitching, and almost any form of coffee that is cold.

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Now Playing
If you want to see what I’m currently up to in the world of games, I’ve started keeping a backloggery! This doesn’t include games I am always playing and/or following, which includes: Animal Crossing, Dead By Daylight, Dragalia Lost, Overwatch and Stardew Valley! Your browser does not support ifra…

My Long Term Series you should check out:

Photo Journal - Hey, It’s Slackshow
A monthly journal series that consists of my photo documentation over each month. It is predominantly photo focused, but also contains text blurbs elaborating on things.
itchio Showcase - Hey, It’s Slackshow
This series is a look into the various games included within the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality! Each post consists of 3-6 games, provided with a quick synopsis and my initial impressions.
Coming Soon: Cross Stitch Portfolio

Posts I'm working on or have planned for the future:

Note: these are subject to change at any time.

  • A post on Dragon Quest XI that would likely fall into the Game Photo category. A reflection of my (almost) 60 hours played so far and a look back on the screenshots I took along the way!
  • I have a fair amount of games on my Switch wishlist right now... so why don't I tell you about them?
  • I tried streaming again recently, playing Prey 2017. Might do a reflection piece on how it feels to be back online and the pros and cons of it.

Want to get in touch?

Excited for any of these in particular? Got an idea for something you want to see? Let me know!

If you want to get in touch with me, there’s a couple ways how! Seeley MYou can contact @seeleymoyed right away.Telegram [https://t.me/seeleymoyed]Send me a message on Telegram!seels :ferris_smiled: 👑 (@seeleymoyed@elekk.xyz…