Especially because when you're home for an extended period of time... the days start to blend together. I figured with that, in combination with my terrible memory, this would be a good opportunity to keep track of my time off and maybe start a fun habit/hobby!

March 18th

Had to take Echo (our new cat) to the vet today in the next city over to get checked for FIV. The clinic was taking extreme precautions and not letting the public into the actual building. There was a sign that said 'Please Knock and Stand 6ft Back' to which I did. Then proceeded lots of waiting in the car until the vet tech came out to us to talk about our visit and get notes. They left and eventually came back to take Echo in to get tested. The whole trip was at least an hour an a half long, but Echo was so amazing. After a short stint of being impatient, the boy straight up just fell asleep in the carrier for the rest of the wait. Apparently he was very good in the vets office as well and got lots of treats.

On my way back from the vet, is when I got the call we were closing at 8pm that night. It didn't really sink in until I got there, and the whole shift was a whirlwind. Lots of relocating food and stock, throwing away anything open and perishable. It had such an ominous feeling to it. Being one of the last people in the cafe before my manager locking the door was... unsettling.

Going home after that was weird. We had company over, my partner's friend who's in the RCMP, so I had to hide a lot of the struggling that was going on in my brain. It was nice to see him though, he's a really chill guy and has a lot of similar interests as us.

March 19th

Little to report today from what I can remember. Slept in a bit and just relaxed. It felt like a normal day off, anticipating going to work tomorrow, and then realizing.... I'm not. We ended the day with a visit to my old coworker who had transferred stores a month or two earlier. His location is still open since they have a drive thru, so we went to visit later in the evening when they were quieter. Got an Iced Caramel Macchiato and two warmed up chocolate chip cookies.

March 20th


Not much to say besides grabbing Tim Horton's for breakfast on the way home from picking up Animal Crossing. Got my daily dose of productivity too by stopping at the pharmacy while we were out. Had to get my prescriptions renewed!

Lots of yelling and crying over losing my mind in New Horizons, it's been almost 8 YEARS and god I am so happy.

Played a little bit of Dead By Daylight with my friend as well, got farther in the last tome, trying to catch up lol

March 21th

A quiet day today. Started it off waking up to a video call with my partner and I's close friends who I used to live with. It was nice to catch up briefly and chat as it'd had been a fairly long time. After that was animal crossing in bed until about lunch time, which was then some cooked rice and sauce. Nothing fancy. Dead by Daylight for the afternoon, AC sprinkled in between matches. Braved Walmart to get some groceries and snacks, so hopefully it'll be a bit before I have to go back. No sign of any toilet paper though lol. The trip overall was much more... tough, than I thought it would be.

March 22th

Started the morning out productive which was a nice feeling! Put a coffee on to brew and cleaned out the cats litter boxes. Emptied the dishwasher to boot. Had a nice snack accompanied by said coffee and catching up on YouTube videos. Taking the day off today from doing my exercises. I finished all my time essential animal crossing objectives for the day (put my three house plots down and getting them furnished). So I figured I would sit down and journal for a bit, tidying up the last couple days worth of notes since I jotted them down fairly quickly.

I got a call from my manager saying that I am actually viable to work even with our store closing. I can be put on a call list that managers of open stores will have in case they need shift coverage, and it's at a premium rate too (an extra $3 an hour). I told her I would pass for now. Going outside is a bit anxiety inducing to say the least, and my last week of work before we shut down had a much larger toll than I anticipated. So I'm going to take the paid time off while I can to relax and recuperate at home, and also play lots of animal crossing of course.

The evening was quiet, more animal crossing and catching up on TV shows. Leftovers for dinner, although I believe that's the last of it so it looks like we'll be cooking tomorrow.

My partner has work tomorrow since they work from home, so it's going to be a weird week.....